little girl learning and playing in a montessori schoolMidwood Early Learning Center is dedicated to providing the best quality for your child’s development. We classify kids in different age groups so that they may learn age-appropriate lessons and be taught developmental skills that will be beneficial for their early stage development. At our facility, we ensure the safety of your children and address their needs. There are various programs that we administer in the facility and the safety of kids is key to making them effective.

Below is the list of programs that Midwood Early Learning Center has to offer for kids in different age groups:


This program is for little children who are 6 weeks to 18 months old. Our infant-to-caregiver ratio is low to ensure that your child receives nurturing care and attention. The infant rooms in our facility encourage your babies to explore in a safe, loving and sterile environment.

Our program for infants is dedicated to the holistic growth of their minds, bodies and even their hearts. They will be exposed to early language development through talking and singing during feeding, diaper-changing, story-telling and playtime in both English and Spanish. We believe that reading nursery rhymes and poems aloud to infants will stimulate their learning for language and literacy. We also expose your infants to sign languages to foster their non-verbal communication skills.


Our toddlers program is for little adventurers aged 18 months to 3 years old. At this stage, children are full of curiosity and wonder for the world. Our program supports their need for independent discovery in a safe and secure environment.

Your toddlers will be encouraged by our teachers to communicate verbally and exercise their oral skills through interactive story-telling and reading aloud together. They will be taught to read and write in both English and Spanish depending on their developmental level since others learn faster than other kids. Do not worry, though, as we will make sure that they all get equal attention. Children are fast learners and they will catch up in time. Visual arts and crafts will also be part of their daily activities in order to stimulate their creativity and imaginative play. In addition to that, they can also take part in physical activities that will improve their motor and cognitive skills.


The Preschool program is for 3- to 4-year olds who are ready for school. To ensure the preparedness of your children, we will help them prepare for a new and exciting chapter in their lives by conducting reading, writing, math lessons and more. They will also be exposed to engaging social activities that involve other children in order to build self-confidence and socialization skills.

They will also be inducted to the physical world through the introduction of science, logic and reasoning. Vocabulary is one of the main highlights of our preschool program; your children will learn and play word games through rhyme and alliteration in our personally chosen books of nursery rhymes in both English and Spanish. The preschoolers will also learn to sing, dance and use instruments in order to build an early appreciation for music. Physical education and activities form parts of our everyday play.


For young school age kids aged 5 to 6 years. Our Kindergarten program at Midwood Early Learning Center is mainly focused on academic topics like math, science and reasoning, language and literacy, geography, time and space and more. It is also our focus to strengthen and further develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in both English and Spanish.

Your children will participate in everyday indoor and outdoor physical activities together with other children as their playmates to increase physical skills and coordination. They can swing, slide, climb, jump and run in full enjoyment in our safe and appropriate playgrounds under the watchful eyes of our teachers. Your children will also be exposed to role-playing and acting through the use of stories, comprehensive discussion of characters and traits where they will learn the importance of values like gratitude, respect, compassion and generosity.

These are the notable highlights of the activities in our child care programs:

Beginning Literacy Skills

Learning to read begins even at the children’s young age at Midwood Early Learning Center. It is during this stage that they can easily grasp new concepts and learn new skills. We take advantage of this learning phase to introduce reading/literacy.

Oral Language Skills

Communication is an applied skill. It generally involves oral language and cognition. At our learning center, we encourage your children to practice such skills alongside peers of the same age.

Nursery Poems, Rhymes, and Songs

Learning should be fun! Learning words, sentence/phrase construction and speech concepts can be done with poems, rhymes and action songs.

Storybook Reading

Daily activities at Midwood Early Learning Center include story time. We found out that kids can learn concentration and cognition skills when they listen (and react) to stories.

Math and Numbers

We start with counting and progress to addition, subtraction and even multiplication. We use colorful visual aids to engage the kids more as they learn math concepts.

Time and Space

Teachers at Midwood Early Learning Center will help kids learn how to tell time and understand the concept of space.

Science Reasoning and the Physical World

It’s a wonderful and mysterious world that we live in. Through theory, experimentation and hands-on activities, we help children grasp science through a fun and enjoyable experience.

Physical Activity

Kids have time to play individual and team sports. It helps develop social skills and sportsmanship.


At an early age, we introduce kids to learn about music and rhythm. In time, we may also discover that kids have talents for dance, singing or playing musical instruments.

Visual Arts

Activities in visual arts include crafts, finger painting, photography, poster making and so much more.


Si! Yo puedo hablar español. We expose your child to speak a different language. In addition to this, we also give them a window to look into a different culture.

Sign Language

Communication is not limited to speech – we can use our hands to talk to others and still be understood. We express the value of non-oral communication by teaching the children sign language skills.

If you have questions about the different programs and schedules maintained by our staff, please call 917 873-6229.

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